Sweet Tooth To Go

Sweet Tooth To Go 3.0

A graphic puzzle game with three game modes - Timed, Untimed, and Endless (See all)
Electronic Arts

Sweet Tooth To Go is a fun puzzle game that I found easy to install and the game changed my screen resolution to suit its colorful graphics automatically, when it was launched. The bright, cheerful interface offers easy navigation and there is a choice of three game modes - Timed, Untimed, and Endless. Play well, and you can earn tokens as well as high scores that you can use online for prizes. The game play area presents a board full of sweets and the challenge of the game is to swap any two adjacent sweets vertically or horizontally to create a set of three or more identical sweets. Sets of three disappear and new sweets fall into place creating a cascade and more sets.

When I got stuck, at one point, after a brief time, one sweet began flashing to hint a solution. You can also request a hint to help you by clicking on the tooth at the left hand side of the Screen. Points are lost if you use the hint feature, however. You move up a level when you reach 500 points in the untimed game or when a bonus bar at the bottom of the screen is full. Each level increases the value of sets. When playing in Timed mode, the game is faster and the bonus bar counts down to zero, and in Endless mode you can't lose it.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Awards tokens for use online


  • 1 Hour Trial limited
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